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The need for a root canal treatment occurs when decay eats through the tooth’s enamel, erodes the dentin layer and infects the pulp chamber. When the decay is caught early, a dentist will clear out the decay from the enamel and dentin, then apply a filling. If decay and holes are left untreated, it will eat away the tooth and reach the soft pulp held inside the tooth. Once this occurs, a root canal is required.

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The team at Central Dental Centre in Surry Hills is perfectly located to provide the best treatments for your needs. We understand that the procedure has become a euphemism for pain, but we do our best to minimise discomfort and get your teeth back on track.

The root canal procedure itself involves removing the dead and diseased pulp and nerves, and clearing out the root canals. Once this accomplished, the tooth can no longer feel pain. From there, the inside of the tooth is cleared out and with antiseptic and antibacterial solutions. After that, the tooth is filled and sealed. Once this has happened, the tooth will then need a crown or filling to restore the structure and provide adequate strength for biting and chewing.

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Central Dental Centre has been providing the best range of services for many years. Our team combines this extensive experience with the highest standards of training and qualifications, ensuring that every client receives exceptional results. Regardless of your dental issue, routine or emergency procedure, you can rely on us to always have the best interests of your health and hygiene at heart.

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